Raw materials is emu oil only.That’s good enough.

Best of simple,Best of skin care oil.


EMU NO SHIZUKU (エミューの雫) is a skin care oil 100% natural.This product is safe to lick because it is a natural additive-free. This product doesn’t use a preservative and perfume, a coloring agent, other chemical additives at all.


This emu oil has cleared the cosmetics import criteria of EU. And, this emu oil has been produced in Australian Government approved ranch.

Filtered twice in Japan!

The emu oil of this product is refined in Australia. Furthermore, it is filtering twice in Japan. Therefore, quality does not drop but there is no worrisome peculiar smell.

Let’s feel actually!

A lot of products of the Emu Oil are sold.However, there are a lot of things that unnecessary additives are in the raw materials.It must be 100% of raw materials to realize Emu Oil.This product can realize the merit of Emu Oil.

A human sebum ingredient is very near Emu Oil.

Emu oil and human comparison

Please have a look. The form of  human’s sebum ingredient resembles EMU OIL.

This is a reason to penetrate quickly.but...